Terex Concave Mantle

Terex cone crusher spare parts expert, VK Metal Cast & Engineering has developed a full range of stone crusher spare parts to suit Terex Pegson 1000SR Cone Crusher, Terex Automax 1000 and Terex CT1000 Cone Crusher. All Terex crusher parts are designed, manufactured and shipped only after meeting our uncompromising quality parameters and standards. Our wide range of high-performance Terex crusher spare parts are manufactured using advanced engineering and technology. Our full range high-quality Terex cone crusher replacement parts are backed by our warranty. We also provide professional fitting service to ensure your Terex crusher operates to optimum performance.

Spare Parts for Terex 1000SR, Automax 1000 and CT1000  Cone Crusher
Mantle Nut Frame Arm Shield
Stub Shaft
Cover Plate Cone Head
Sledging Bar
Feed Ring
Wedge Ring Assembly
Main Frame Assembly
Main Frame Liner
Snap Ring
O Ring
Rotary Seal Ring Main Shaft Bevel Pinion
Mantle Liner Concave Socket Head
Oil Flinger Transducer Cover
Counter Shaft