Taurian Cone Crusher Spare Parts
Taurian Cone Crusher Parts

VK Metal Cast & Engineering have built worldwide reputation as a Taurian cone crusher spare parts expert. We develop, manufacture and supply full range of high-quality cone crusher spare parts and wear parts to suit Taurian T-36 Cone Crusher, Taurian T-48 Cone Crusher, Taurian T-51 Cone Crusher, and Taurian GS-45 Cone Crusher. From Main Shaft Sleeve to Socket Liner, Eccentric Bushing, Dust Seal Ring, Main Shaft, Concave, and Concave; we have every Taurian cone crusher parts in our stock. All Taurian crusher spare parts are manufactured with the highest quality in mind and in full consideration of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.

Spare Parts for Taurian T-36, T-48, and T-51 Cone Crusher
Feed Plate Main shaft Mantle Nut Torch Ring
Main Shaft Sleeve Spring Housing Dust Seal Ring
Socket Liner Eccentric Bushing Main Frame Bushing
Counter Bushing Oil Seal counter shaft O Ring counter shaft
Bevel Gear & Pinion Main Shaft Mantle Head
Mantle Liner Concave Socket Head
Oil Flinger Thrust Plate Counter Shaft Pinion